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Link GROUP Power


Link was released the other day. Turns out you cant change the color. But you can make your own links. (LINK) group power is in stores for 400 xats. 

^ lol

~Slash320 AKA Skater [Admin of 4topics]


LINK Testing.


Just found out at <— pourtugese help that they are using LINK (Now Testing) <—  Make your own custom links/Link Color.

~Slash320 AKA Skater [Admin of 4topics]

Card Jitsu Water, (Fantasy), (Link), IPads


Wow, alot of topics from me today lol. lets start off with CP. I havnt been posting in a while so right now im catchin up with things. So anyways Card Jitsu water was released. Its kinda hard (in my opinion) because my computer lags abit. You have to select a card from the bottom of your screen as its moving. Choose the element to put what ever is in front of you on the stone (Water, Fire, Snow) When you put out your element, you will jump to the next stone. To win you have to hit the gong. Iv also made some edits for “Card Jitsu Snow wich will be coming next year. The new Edit  page will be coming soon.

    FANTASY Power was released last weak. The smileys are (fantasy) (axe) (darkeyes) (dragon) (flail) (hole) (helmet2) (medusa) (orcm) (elf2) (ogre) (orcf) (invis) (scroll) (slash) (smskull) (sword) (wizard). See wiki for details  In stores for 250 xats.

LINK Coming either tomorrow or Saturday. Next power is LINK. Add custom link words to your chat.

Now the last topic. I might be getting an IPad for xmas 😀 if you have one, comment and tell me how they are.

~Slash320 AKA Skater [Admin of 4topics]

4topics forums!



Just wanted to let you know I have forums now!

I’m like brand new to forums.  I don’t have any experience to them,  so I might not post as often on them.  If you want to see the forums, the link is

I designed the style sheet / CSS by myself.  It’s actually not that hard… lol.  It’s under construction, so It’s not completed yet.  I don’t know when it should be completed.  It may be done in the next year and a half… maybe longer.  Don’t worry though,  It’ll be just like this site.  (Not the design) It will be under construction, but I will still post.  Along with Slash (skater9713).

Anyway, thats all for now.



Apple to release a new iPad?



I saw online that Apple is releasing a new iPad!   The iPad is supposed to be thinner, lighter, and have a Camera.  That’s all I heard.  If you would like to see the new iPad details, click here.

The Times of India pretty much covered it.  What do you guys think?  Will it be better than the last iPad?  Leave your comments in the comment box!


Introducing BOTS for the 4Topics Chat!



If you didn’t already notice, the 4topics chat ( or ) has a bot!  It’s name is FourTopicsChatBOT.

He’s really friendly.  If you click on him, he says something like Hei! 🙂 You tickled me!  heh heh

He also can be strict… he can kick/ban people for saying bad words.  But it also kicks for saying jerk… I’m working on that lol.

Features of the bot:

  • Kicks
  • Bans
  • Greets people
  • Talks and interacts with people
  • Version 0.5.0
  • Always online 24/7

But anyway, I hope you have fun with the bot!




Hey! Brand new FEAST group power is out on xat. It was unlimited but now for some reason it is. IT was 200 xats. Its now 300. 

 A feast of 30 food smilies and up to 3 flix backgrounds (needs up to 4 assigned). GROUP POWER! See wiki

~Slash320 AKA Skater [Admin of 4topics]