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Club Penguin’s new Penguin Style.



This is my first Club Penguin post… lol

Well anyway there’s a new Penguin Style catalog.  The Penguin Style catalog is a magazine where you can buy clothes, pins, and background.  It also has “secret items.”  The secret items are in parts of the background.  If you click somewhere, a secret item could show up.

lol thats the boring stuff.

Anyway here’s the cheats for the new Penguin Style:

The first cheat is the little tree.  Click it for the jacket and hat.

The cheat for the blue scarf is on the penguin’s beak. (I forgot to circle it… I was in a rush lol)

The pink scarf is on the purple penguins beak (I forgot to circle that one too lol xD)

The blue striped scarf is on the orange penguins flipper.

The viking helmet is on the fish.  If you open and x off the cheat then you will get….

The blue viking helmet!

Click the penguins beaks for these:

Click on the ghost’s face for the Crook and flail

If you click on the tree, you get…

….THAT!… lol

Click the eyes and the tree top for…

The climbing gear and the duck

(that image never got cropped… sorry lol) Click the penguins foot and the tree top for…

(neither did this one ^_^) for 3d glasses and…

The acoustic guitar!

Now last but not least…

Click the mountain top for the hiking gear!

Sorry that the pics have some problems lol.  I was in a rush cuz I have to do homework, stuff like that lol.



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