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I got clearer pictures!



For some reason, my pictures have been coming out blurry when I upload them.  But guess what?  Now, they are CRYSTAL CLEAR! 😀

If any of you guys had this problem, you can’t save your pictures as a .jpeg or .jpg file, you have to save it to a .png and they will be crystal clear!

So now, my photos went from this:

(see how there’s little blur spots?  There’s also grain or film or something around the text… like there’s little circles lol)


The pictures above WERE supposed to be for chat, but I made a mistake on making the rules. I forgot ALL about the color codes, roflol.

Anyway, I also updated the Chat.  I replaced the rules/Banning list with pictures.  Go check it out! :D.  Also, I will be replacing the header with a clearer, better image.


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  1. Nick permalink
    07/19/2011 11:40 pm

    Hey nice chatgroup you have here its pop…

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