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Domain for the blog



Me and Slash were talking about how we should get a domain for the site.  It would help get the site more popular and more people can experience the fun  here at 4topics!

If you don’t know what a domain is, then take our site for example.  It’s like when you take out .wordpress from  Then, it becomes  But sadly, someone took… and they don’t even use their site… lol.

So, we want you guys to think of a domain we should have.  We don’t want a domain that we like, we want one that you guys like and will remember.

Here’s 2 ideas that we thought of.  They arn’t that great… lol

  • (4topics backwards)
  • (guitar hero, xat, club penguin, and apple combined.)

scipot4 would probably be 1 and a half starts out of 5 lol (NO OFFENSE SLASH! lol)

But cpxgha is probably 4 stars or 3 at the least… (even though slashs eyebrows thought of it… now your probably raising your eyebrows.  eyebrows is such a weird word. Its all like…… brows… above the eye……. like seriously you don’t want to have something so gross sounding like the word brow… and it has to be over your eye… its almost like mustache…. you have a  mustache, its like mustard hanging from your chin and then a whole bunch of bees come… and its all like… OH CRAP LOL)

but it dosnt matter

we want you guys to think of something that would be easy for you to remember.

Also, we might email and ask for  That is, if you guys think we should use it.

Also, the site is going to be going under ALOT of construction.  I’m going to try using downloadable themes, testing CSS, and lotssss moreeeee



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