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Card Jitsu Water, (Fantasy), (Link), IPads


Wow, alot of topics from me today lol. lets start off with CP. I havnt been posting in a while so right now im catchin up with things. So anyways Card Jitsu water was released. Its kinda hard (in my opinion) because my computer lags abit. You have to select a card from the bottom of your screen as its moving. Choose the element to put what ever is in front of you on the stone (Water, Fire, Snow) When you put out your element, you will jump to the next stone. To win you have to hit the gong. Iv also made some edits for “Card Jitsu Snow wich will be coming next year. The new Edit  page will be coming soon.

    FANTASY Power was released last weak. The smileys are (fantasy) (axe) (darkeyes) (dragon) (flail) (hole) (helmet2) (medusa) (orcm) (elf2) (ogre) (orcf) (invis) (scroll) (slash) (smskull) (sword) (wizard). See wiki for details  In stores for 250 xats.

LINK Coming either tomorrow or Saturday. Next power is LINK. Add custom link words to your chat.

Now the last topic. I might be getting an IPad for xmas 😀 if you have one, comment and tell me how they are.

~Slash320 AKA Skater [Admin of 4topics]

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